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What is BoxyMo and how does it work?

BoxyMo uses telematics technology to help save you money.

Telematics uses GPS and other technology to send information about the way that a vehicle is being driven. The information is collected from a clever little box we fit out of sight in your car. We call this "BoxyMo", and the information we receive is used to help you drive safer and reduce the costs of your insurance.

We will receive information on every journey and this is compared to other drivers to provide an individual insurance risk profile. We will allocate you a driving score based on various factors the lower your renewal premium will be.

You will be able to log into MyBoxyMo to view information on how you are driving *.

* Not available until you have had your policy for 3 months.

What do you mean by safe driving?

Safe driving includes factors like driving within the speed limit and avoiding risky manoeuvres such as harsh acceleration, braking and swerving. We appreciate that sometimes these are unavoidable, however repeated or excessive speeding or harsh manoeuvres will affect your driving score. Your driving score will be compared with other BoxyMo customers to determine the safest drivers.

How does BoxyMo use the information for car insurance?

We use the information BoxyMo collects to:

  • assess your car insurance risk
  • help calculate the cost of your renewal premium
  • help you if you have an accident
  • track the location of your car if it is stolen
  • have a better overview of an accident to help recover money from the person responsible

Will I have a curfew with the policy?

No, you can drive at any time of the day or night with no curfew – however frequently driving at risky times, such as after midnight, may lower your driving score.

Will you cancel my policy if I break the speed limit?

It is a well known fact that speeding is a major contributory factor to road accidents. Whilst going slightly over the speed limit from time to time will not affect your policy, persistent or excessive speeding will impact your driving score, and will also lead to your insurance premium rising at renewal.

Why will you cancel my policy if I go over 80mph?

As BoxyMo rewards you for safer driving, dangerous speeds are treated seriously. Driving at/or over 80mph would probably result in an instant ban if you were caught by the Police and we believe that, as this is a policy aimed at safe drivers, anyone driving at such an illegally high speed is not suitable for such a product. As a result we would write to you and provide you with seven days’ notice of cancellation before your policy is terminated.

What sort of information does BoxyMo collect?

BoxyMo will collect information on the following:

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It is a well known fact that speeding is a major contributory factor to road accidents particularly on rural or urban roads. The faster someone is driving the less time they have to stop if something unexpected happens. Of course we can all inadvertently go slightly over the speed limit from time to time and we will take account of this. What we look for are those drivers that regular break the speed limit and do so by a larger than average speed. We will also be looking at speeding in inappropriate conditions such as at night and/or in urban areas.

Driving Smoothness

This is broken down into Braking, Cornering and Acceleration. If you are braking heavily all the time this would indicate poor awareness and/or speeding and not keeping distance from the vehicle in front. In normal circumstances the safest way to brake is to do so early and lightly, braking more firmly as you stop. The more frequently you brake harshly the lower your driving score will be and the less likely you will be.
You should also drive at a speed suitable for the characteristics of the road (corners/bends). Driving too fast will cause the vehicle to tilt and we monitor this. The more frequently you drive at appropriate speeds around corners over a period of time the higher your score will be.

Where and When

This considers the times the vehicle is being driven on specific roads (by speed limit). Driving in the dark is one of the most dangerous times of driving. Visibility is lower than in daylight hours and a driver’s depth perception is reduced which can cause impaired judgement and delayed reflex actions. Driving between the hours of 11pm and 5am will lower your score.


With BoxyMo you select the "Policy Miles" you will need for the year. If you need more than this do not worry as you can purchase more "Top-Up Miles".

Other Benefits of Telematics

Theft Tracker

BoxyMo has GPS/GSM tracking functionality and tracks the location of your car to help us find it if it is stolen.

If you believe your car has been stolen, please inform the Police and obtain a crime reference number. You should then contact our 24 hour Stolen Vehicle Helpline on 028 90722961. The secure operating centre will track your car and report its location directly to the Police. You should then contact our claims department on 028 90722961. Hopefully, your car will be located and recovered undamaged. If your car is recovered but damaged, or not recovered at all, our claims department will help you with your claim.

Accident Alert

BoxyMo will alert us if your car has been involved in an accident.

If this happens and your car is stationary, we will try to call you on your mobile phone. We will check you are OK and try to help you get going again. If we can see that your car is moving we will assume you are unharmed and do not require immediate assistance. If we are unable to contact you and your car is stationary we will assess all the circumstances relating to the incident, such as the location, the time of day and the force of the impact. If we think it is appropriate, we will attempt to contact the emergency services and request that they attend. Please note we are not able to guarantee that the emergency services will attend in these circumstances, and you are still obliged to notify us of any incident.

For more information please visit our full help section.

About BoxyMo is Ireland's first telematics dedicated insurer. This new concept is simple, we fit a telematics device, known as "BoxyMo" to your car. BoxyMo will then tell us how you drive and how far you drive. In addition to this "BoxyMo" will show you each month how to improve your driving and reduce your insurance costs. read more...

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