BoxyMo Miles

Policy Miles

You can choose from 4 – 10,000 "Policy Miles" per year depending on your requirements.

Reward Miles

Throughout the policy term, you have the potential to earn “Reward Miles” based on your driving behaviours and the annual number of policy miles selected. BoxyMo will tell you each month how you are driving and give you a score out of 100. The higher your score, the more reward miles you will earn. Looking at your individual driving behaviours will help us determine your future premiums. Quite simply, better drivers receive better deals.

Top Up Miles

If you use up all your Policy Miles before the end of your policy term, you can buy "Top-Up Miles". Top Up Miles are available in bundles of 250, 500, 1000 at any time during the term of your policy. The price of these Miles is shown as your rate per kilometer in MyBoxyMo.

What happens if I run out of Miles?

If you run out of Miles do not worry as you can purchase more "Top-Up Miles". However when you first take out a policy please choose the level of Miles you require carefully as it is more expensive to choose a lower level of policy Miles plus top up Miles than it is to buy the higher number of policy Miles at the start of your policy or at renewal.

What happens if I have Miles? left when my policy is due for renewal?

If you have "Reward Miles" or "Top-Up Miles" left when your policy is due to renew these are carried forward into the next year. However, if you have Policy Miles left, these are lost and not carried forward. There is no financial exchange for lost miles.

For more information please visit our full help section.

About BoxyMo is Ireland's first telematics dedicated insurer. This new concept is simple, we fit a telematics device, known as “BoxyMo” to your car. BoxyMo will then tell us how you drive and how far you drive. In addition to this “BoxyMo” will show you each month how to improve your driving and reduce your insurance costs. read more...

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