Meet The BoxyMo Characters


This weekend, Justin Beeper plans to head out to Coppers. He’s single, and looking for a girl to keep him Company. He’s hoping the night will consist of both a Beauty and a Beat. His chat up lines haven't worked well on previous nights out, but Never Say Never...


Kelly Cardashian has been practicing in the mirror all week to ensure her selfie game is strong this weekend. Kelly and her sisters Karen and Kendra have been invited to the Krystle, and they plan on making sure all their social media followers know about it.


Lindsay Slowhan may look timid, but she is a massive scary movie fan. She’s planning on inviting her besties round for a popcorn, chocolate and thriller film marathon. The night is set to be a freaky Friday.


Sarah J Parker is yet to admit it, but she is a shopaholic. This weekend she plans on hitting Kildare Village for the perfect pair of heels. She’s not afraid to fight for a bargain, so shoppers and shop owners beware!


Scarlett Gohansson has been filling her piggy bank for months, and finally this weekend she is heading on holiday. Scarlett and her friends Vicky and Christina are heading to Barcelona.


Meet Ziggy Cardust, the coolest cat this side of mars. He’s our star man and this weekend he’ll be dancing in the streets with his jean genie.


Here’s Vinny Diesel - he looks like a mean dude but really he’s got a heart of gold. His favourite tunes are heavy metal but when he’s not rocking in the Vinny-mobile around Mondello Park you’ll find him in the garden pruning his prize tulips.


Meet Skid Vicious. He spends his weekends leafing through vintage punk vinyls in The English Market, Cork. Later on you’ll catch him in the middle of the deepest mosh pit at the loudest gig.


Meryl Beep is no deer hunter. This iron lady spends her weekends in a sea of tranquility. Slow and steady wins the race with plenty of tea, fine literature and some easy listening.


Ed might sound like a pop star. He might look (sort of) like a pop star. But Ed Steerin is no pop star. His body is his temple and he spends his weekends on the treadmill and pumping iron on campus at GMIT to fine tune his toned muscles.


Phil’s had a tough week on the roads. Stopping traffic is no walk in the park so the weekend is his time to shine. He’ll be on the terraces Thomand Park singing at the top of his lungs and kicking every ball with his beloved team.


Richard used to be cool. Richard used to have fun. Richard is now an accountant. He spends his life in second gear, flicking through spreadsheets with a calculator. He’s precise and dependable and still waiting for his pretty woman.


Don’t be fooled by the smart suit and briefcase, Mike McIntyre is comedy personified. He might be a lecturer in astrophysics by day, but by night he treads the boards of the Laughter Lounge, splitting sides and bringing on tears of laughter.

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